Monday, May 30, 2011

The changing face of me (part one in a series)

Sharing a laugh with horror film maestro George Romero at Triple R on Monday July 28, 2008. (Photo by Donna Morabito)

May, 2008: Melbourne Zombie Shuffle (Photo: Brian Villamin)

Anti-racist protest, Fawkner, March 1997 (Photo by Grebo)

A punk pub-crawl, Melbourne, circa 1996 (Photo: Ian Cook)

Sarah Sands Hotel, Brunswick, circa 1990.

March, 1986, shortly after moving out of home aged 17.
(Photo: John Stewart)


conrad said...

Great photos Richard. How things have changed.

Philip said...

I'm having illegal-in-Queensland thoughts about the last of these.

nat said...

Whatever happened to the punks of Melbourne? Or have you already answered that question :-)
Still, that seems to be a big problem with Melbourne these days: too many hipsters, not enough punks.